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3.4sI don't know what I can do about the ghost lady that came out of it, but -- It's fine.
1.87sSummer, you know, your grandfather's right.
2.73sThis store curses people. That's my business.
2.33sWell, yeah. Fast-food gives people diabetes,
1.8sand clothing stores have sweatshops.
2.09sIs there a company hiring teenagers that isn't evil?
1.66sThis is my first job.
1.63sYou've been nice to me, Mr. Needful.
1.73sYou respect me.
2.43sPlease, call me "The Devil."
1.76sI'd rather not, actually.
1.76sYes, perhaps not during business hours.
4.1sI told you, I want to file a declaration that Pluto is a planet.
2.26sWell, then my son's going to fail his science class,
2.09sand when that happens, l'm suing you first.
2.13sI think I know what the "A" in NASA stands for.
2.8s- Dad, what's your endgame? - Ain't no game, sucka.
1.66sWhy don't we just make the solar system with eight planets?
1.26sIt's even easier.
5.07sSure, sure, and why don't we just burn Galileo at the stake for saying the sun is round?