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0.86sOoh. Be quiet.
2.93sDon't you want to make sure people know what they're getting?
2.06sYou're not intentionally selling...
3.96sBeauty cream that makes ugly ladies pretty but also makes them blind?
1.93sI find this all quite preposterous.
1.93sOh, I say, good sir. Oh, harrumph.
2.9sOh, oh !
1.47sThat's beautiful.
2.76sYou know it's gonna be wearing you in three hours?
1.66sDo I need to call the police?
1.37sHere, you can use my phone.
2.8sDon't worry, it won't make you deaf because I'm not a hack.
1.37sYou think you're fucking so great!
1.8sStop it! No!
1.83sFuck yeah, man.
1.66sStop it right now!
2.03sGrandpa Rick, I like working here.
0.02sYou work for the devil.
2.08sSo what?
0.07sBOTH: "So what?"
1.59sSo what if he's the devil, Rick?
1.59sAt least the devil has a job.
1.66sAt least he's active in the community.
1.59sWhat do you do?
2.03sYou eat our food and make gadgets.