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2.43sStay scientific, Jerry.
1.93sThis aftershave made women want me,
1.9sbut it also made me impotent!
2.66sA price for everything, Mr. Goldenfold.
2.26sA price for everything.
2.3sOh, my god!
2.63sHow could I not see this coming?!
3.7sMy lust!
2.13sMy greed!
2.49sl deserved this!
2.94sThis serum should counteract the negative effects.
2.63sHoly cats! Ladies, let's get out of here.
1.93sI haven't learned a thing!
1.7sYou can have this back.
1.19sYou didn't use it?
1.8sSure I did -- to develop this.
1.99slt detects and catalogs all your "Twilight Zone,"
4.13sRay Bradbury, "Friday the 13th" The Series voodoo crap magic.