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2.47sHey, how about we use a ping-pong ball for Pluto?
1.43sAnd then Jupiter --
2.49sUh, actually, I don't think Pluto's a planet.
1.8sOf course Pluto's a planet, son,
1.83sI learned that in the third grade.
1.66sWell, yeah, but you know they changed it.
1.87sMarty, nobody changed the planets.
2.4sI just googled it. Pluto's not a planet.
1.93sThey changed it in 2006,
2.59sYeah, I heard about that, Marty,
2.83sAnd I disagree. You disagree?
2.43sThat's right. It's possible to disagree in science, Marty,
1.59sPluto was a planet.
1.56sSome committee of fancy assholes disagree.
1.93sI disagree back. Give me a ping-pong ball.
2.43sUm, okay. l-l just have to...
1.73sGo find Rick and go over my head about Pluto?
1.16sNo, Geez!
2.3sI just gotta go to the bathroom. Damn.