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2.06sJ, Go hard, getting busy with it J,
3.8sJ, but I got such a good heart that I'll make the mother wonder if he did it J,
1.52sJ, Damn right, and I'll do it again,
2.63s'cause I am nice so I gots to win J,
1.59sJ, Break bread with the enemy J,
1.59sJ, But no matter how many cats I break bread with,
1.43sl'll break who you -- J,
4.37sAnd that's how I took my storefront into the forefront of the up front.
1.59sThank you, Seattle.
2.7sRick? Summer?
1.47sStupid motherfucker!
1.19sYou stupid bitch.
1.7sStupid motherfucker!
2.16sHow do you like that? How do you like that?
5.23sBecause sometimes what you really need is for someone else to pay a horrible price.