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1.73sOh, I -- I think I understand.
2.97sYou're really playing with fire when you burst in here like that, man.
1.47sI get it. Say no more.
1.47sI mean, one ofthese days,
1.7syou know, you're gonna end up seeing something.
2.3sI got it! Noted. Good night.
6.34sf metal music playing f How's your pretend grandpa doing, aka "The Devil"?
0.07sHe dumped me.
2.66sOat, Sorry.
2.16sDid we learn a lesson here I'm not seeing?
1.33sNot sure.
1.76sMaybe in a much biggerway,
2.59sMr. Needful gave us both what we really wanted?
3.4sBecause I was always jealous of you hanging outwith Marty,
3.09sand you didn't realize how much you valued my approval?
0.04sNo, that's dumb.
2.49sYeah, not satisfying.
1.83sI'll tell you what, though.
1.7slf -- if -- if it's satisfaction you're after,
1.7sI think I might have an idea.
1.3sUh-huh, totally. Let's do it.
1.73sJ, X gonna give it to ya J, J, What? J,
1.66sJ, Wait for you to get it on your own,
1.66sX gonna deliver to ya J,
1.93sJ, Knock knock, open up the door, it's real J,