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1.57sMmm! That's nice.
3.82s(DOORBELL RINGS) All right, as soon as they answer, you can go.
2.84sI don't want Penelope to think I need an escort to a playdate.
1.97sOh, you got yourself a little girlfriend, huh?
1.77sShe's not my girlfriend.
3.9sUnlike you, I don't view every female I meet as some kind of pork holster.
1.9sStewart, darling. Hello.
2.3sWhat? That's how they do it in Europe.
1.63sNow, get out of here!
2.84sGo sit in the car and agree with yourself while you listen to NPR.
1.89sI don't know what the big deal is.
1.8sI stopped for one drink after work.
1.8sYes, but it's every night.
2.44sThere! Now you can be upset about that.
2.25sThis is fun. I like playing with you, Penelope.
1.2sWhat shall we play next?
1.75sWell, let's see what you have.
3.17sYou have a pop-up version of The Unabomber's Manifesto?