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2.6sI wasn't planning on spending all night there.
2.27sLook, how about if I take you to the park, huh?
2.74sCome on! You like the park, right?
2.34sWe're about to pass the turnoffs.
2.14sHere it comes!
1.93sYou may take me to the park.
2.34sUm, excuse me. I didn't bring any of my toys.
1.37sCan I play with some of yours?
1.38sNo! Mine!
1.27s(ENGLISH ACCENT) Are you all right?
1.17sI'm fine.
2.28sI didn't push him back because he has leukemia.
2.17sMy name's Penelope. What's yours?
2.4sStewie. I've never seen you around here before.
2.52sI'm new to town and I don't have many friends.
1.15s(CHUCKLING) All right.
2.54sA lot of pressure on me instantly, but okay.
2.32sWould you like to play with some of my toys, Stewie?
1.43sWell, what have you got?
3.27sI have a set of jacks, a paddleball and this taffy with superglue.
2.13sIsn't that the little boy who pushed you?
1.1sHmm. Yes.