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3.74sThat sounds delightful. just you and me and the balladeers.
1.66sAnd the kids.
0.27sFair enough.
2.57s- And my sisters. - Doh !
4.47sHow we danced on the night we were wed
2.17sHavin' my baby
3.44sWhat a lovely way to say how much you love me
3.97sNearer my God to thee
4.87sNearer to thee
2.77sOh, perfume !
3.24sWhoa ! Hmm. Thank you, Bart.
0.43sYou're welcome, Mom.
2.17s34 years old.
3.27sTime enough to start over with a new man.
2.1sSomeone who eats with his mouth shut.
0.54sWhat's that, Patty ?
2.3sNothing. Finish your steak.
0.63sLook at him wolf down that gristle.
1.93sIt's an accident waiting to happen.
1.93sDo you know the Heimlich Maneuver ?