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1.8sThe basket is extremely hot.
2.7sHow are the southwestern pizza fingers?
3.2sUh, they're, um, "awesomely outrageous."
2.94sOh, these look good-- "Guilt-Free Steak-fish Fillets."
3.97sLet me level with you, Marge. That's just our name for bottom-feeding suction eel.
4.57sYou don't want that. Why don't you try Moe's Hobo Chicken Chili.
2.43sI start with the best part-- the neck.
2.64sAnd then I add secret hobo spices.
1.6sOoh! TrĂˆs bien!
2.87sWhat the hell are you doing, you little freak?
2.9sOoh, sorry, kid. Sorry. I'm not used to the laughter of children.
2.97sIt cuts through me like a dentist's drill.
3.7sBut, no, that was funny, you taking away my dignity like that. Ha-ha.