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1.67sOh. So you're Bart Simpson.
3.87sSince my breakfast burrito is congealing rapidly, I will be blunt.
2.67sYou are too late. I sold your soul last night.
5.07sYes, yes. I found a buyer right away for that item.
2.77sWho? I am not at liberty to divulge the party.
3.4sBut they were most interested in having possession of a little boy's soul.
3sUh, excuse me. No banging your head on the display case, please.
2.97sIt contains a very rare Mary Worth...
3.74sin which she has advised a friend to commit suicide, thank you.
2.34sAre you there, God?
1.94sIt's me, Bart Simpson.
2.94sI know I never pay too much attention in church,
3.47sbut I could really use some of that good stuff now.
2.07sI'm... afraid.