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2.14swon't clean his room, and hates homework.
4.15sThat's why we created Scarf-ables by Scammer and Z-Dog!
4.54sThese two spokes-rebels were invented by the marketing team that came up with Hip-Hopsicles,
1.4sthe urban Popsicle.
3.34sYes. I saw those when my normal grocery store was on strike.
2.3sWell, here's what really seals the deal.
2.75s(RAPPING) Yo, yo, yo! Slide your green Into the machine.
2.28sAnd don't expect any change, dawg.
4.52sIt's like a fundraising school bake sale with slang as the Saran Wrap.
3.97sAnd a subsonic neuro-jammer disrupts the child's judgment center.
2.62sFair enough. I assume these snacks are nutritious?
1.92sThat's really none of our business.
2.77sThe bottom line is, half the profits go to your school or camp.
2.37sYou heard the lady. Just sign the damn contract.