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3.62s- Hey, let's go. - Let's take a look at it.
3.27sExcuse me. I had this spot first.
2.32sSorry, dear. just business. Ha!
3.47sWell, I guess Macy's and Gimbel's learned to live side by side.
4.09sGimbel's is gone, Marge. Long gone. You're Gimbel's.
3.67sVery well. There must be dozens of great locations in this town.
2.52sDon't you worry about me.
3.44sHey, slow down. I wants to talk to you.
2.14sGive us 300 pretzels.
4.07sYou see? A little persistence and patience paid off.
1.63sThat'll be $300.