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3.3sHelp, help, help. Security code 30.
2sWell, that's the miracle of the franchise.
2.47sYou get all the equipment and know-how you need...
2.1splus a familiar brand name people trust.
2.69sYou'll be on a rocket ride to the moon!
4.4sAnd while you're there, would you pick up some of that nice green moon money for me--
1.95sRoyce McCutcheon.
1.75sNo deal, McCutcheon. That moon money is mine!
2.2sNow, folks, I don't want to alarm you,
4.57sbut scientists say 40% of America's pictures are hanging crooked.
1.8sYeah. It's true. And I hear you asking,
2.7s"Who's gonna straighten out all these artistic abominations?"
2sYour friends? A neighbor?
3.19sThose fat cats in Washington? Good luck.
2.33sHey, you know, maybe no one'll notice.
3.22sMaybe the problem will just fix itself.