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2.05sThe answer is no.
2.32sI'm afraid I must insist.
1.97sYou see, my wife,
5.35sshe has been most vocal on the subject of the pretzel monies: "Where's the money? When are you going to get the money?
2.04sWhy aren't you getting the money now?"
3.34sAnd so on. So, please, da money.
2.7sYou heard her. She said no.
3.07sLegs, Louie. Advance on them.
1.74sThere they are!
3.7sWell, well. If it isn't Marge Simpson and her gangland cronies.
3.35sYour goon squad certainly gave you the edge in the mobile snack business.
2.72sBut I'm afraid we've outdone you once again.
2.87sHiroshi, Yukio.
1.99sPerhaps you've heard of the Yakuza,