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2.77sPrincipal Skinner, may I make an announcement to the school?
2.52sI can't see the harm.
2.2sI hereby resign as your president.
5.15sAnd for my last act I call a general student strike effective immediately!
1.75sGimme that!
3.04sAny student caught striking will be severely disciplined unless all of you do it.
1sThen I'm stymied.
2.37s(CHANTING) Strike! Strike! Strike!
2.92sLisa, please help me lure them back. I had to do what I did.
2.74sOur budget is stretched tighter than Mother's sauna pants.
2.73sSeymour! Quit using me in analogies.
1.98sYes, Mother.
3.8sPrincipal Skinner, I will not call off this strike until you bring back music and art!
0.47sWhat about gym?
4.24s(CHANTING) Hey, hey, Seymour S. Nurture our well-roundedness!