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1sYes, Chief, you could.
2.03sWell, let me ask you this. Shut up.
3.79sThe Springfield student strike has entered its fourth day with no end in sight.
3.87sToday professional buttinski Michael Moore arrived on the scene.
6.69sKids who don't get to take music and art are 10% more likely to become chronically unemployed and appear in one of my movies.
1.78sWhere did you get that statistic? Your mother!
4.62sThe student strikers have been joined by other unions including the Springfield Goat Milkers,
2.74sthe Association of News Room Cue Card Holders...
2.47sAnd the United Federation of Theme Park Zombies.
7.19sZombie eat brains but zombie cannot swallow this injustice.
3.44sAt the heart of the strike is former student body president, Lisa Simpson.
2.15sHer brother had this to say.
2.9sLisa is a nut. She has a rubber butt.
2.47sEvery time she turns around, it goes putt putt.
4.14sIndeed. But that rubber butt doesn't have much time for turning around these days.