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2.67sand I will shout slogans at you.
1.92sPush. Harder.
3.54sGo past the max. Reach over the top. Master your ass.
4.85sWow, Wolfie. Two months ago I didn't know what the word dumbbell meant.
2.87s- This place is great. - Mm-hmm.
2.8sHello, handsome. Nice muscles.
2.14sCare for a rubdown?
2.85sOh! Well, I'm flattered but spoken for.
2.19sOh, what the heck. Give me your number.
2.9sDad, what have you done to your stomach?
2.43s- And your chest. - And your shirt!
4.84sI have been working out secretly at night. And look at me now!
2.57sOh, my goodness gracious!
2.83sGo ahead. Try and grab some flab.
2.24sGo on! No. Not there.
1.92sNot there either. Over here.
0.52sI've got some.
2.44sNo. Here. Try my foot.