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1.76sEmergency whistle, pepper spray...
2.94sand this map ofthe most vulnerable parts of a man's body.
1.73sWhy is it Ned Flanders?
3.46sOh, like I'm gonna kick Chief Wiggum in the groin.
2.16sOkay, Marge. You can do this.
2.37sYou’ve done it a thousand times before.
1.7sHi, Mrs. Simpson!
2.37sOh, no! I pepper-sprayed Ralph.
3.56sEven my boogers are spicy.
4.96sLet's go home. There's nothing dangerous there except for the electrical wiring.
1.9sMom, you didnt get the milk.
2.49sAnd you parked on top ofthe mailman.
1.97sts okay. All part ofthe job.
2.56sCan you believe I get paid to wear short pants?
3.27sOh, I'm sorry. I'll come right out and help you.