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2.09sNow, Rainier, I really dont think it's right...
2.09sto sell these Playdude centerfolds.
2.59sZip it, Holy Joe.
2.33sAre you taking us to another mansion?
1.23sUh, yeah.
1.3sUh, Miss September...
1.99s- I think you’re gonna have to get in the trunk. - Oh.
2.23sWhoa! A sword cane!
2.06sEverything here is sword.
1.52sSword baseball bat.
2.26sSword rifle. Sword pineapple.
1.8sSword sword-sharpener.
1.19sSword pie.
2.66sts- Hey. What happened to the sword pie?
1.7sWhat do I do now?
2.33sHey, look! A cyborg hand.
1.93sThis could really come in useful.
2.26sWell, well. Look who’s gone Hollywood.
2.09sOoh! Hmm. Eh.
1.73sDo you need some assistance...
2.06spicking over the tattered remains of my life?
1.7sNope. I'm good.
1.9sHey! Your early porno movies.
2.03sOh, wait. Are any ofthese hetero?