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2.12sWho said that?
3.5sSo now what do we call it when the communion wafer becomes the body of Christ?
2.94s(GRUNTING) KEVIN: Hey! Yes, Homer?
1.18sVery good.
2.87sHe cheated. He's got it written on his arm.
2.1sWelcome to the jungle, Kevin!
3.1s(GASPS) First communion?
1.74sOh, we've gotta stop 'em now!
2.28sOnce they seal the deal, there's no turning back!
3.07sJust like the Jews with their snippety-snip.
2.3sBart, get your things! You're leaving with me!
2.19sSorry, Mom. But this is a Catholic church.
1.75sChicks don't have any authority here.
3.39sMrs. Simpson, please. If there's a problem, I'm sure we can talk it over.