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2.23sDOCTOR: How about now? PETER: No, nothing.
1.7sDOCTOR: Well, that makes me feel much better.
1.59sYou can't see the spaceship, either.
2.53sMy cousin Marshall insists if you look past the picture...
1.19syou can see a spaceship.
2.09sCan you please just tell us what's wrong with my husband?
3.73sOh, yes. You see, after ingesting such a large number of metal coins...
2.66sMr. Griffin appears to have succumbed to nickel poisoning...
1.3scausing him to lose his sight.
2.99sOh, my God, Lois. I'm blind as a bat. I can't see a damn thing.
2.3sYou know what else you can't see? The writing on the wall.
2.43sVaudeville's dead. And TV's the box they're gonna bury it in.
2.37sBack then, everybody had a specialty. I, for one, am a tumbler.
1.9sWatch me leap through this big hoop.
1.09sVamp! Vamp!
3.23sSo we're all gonna have to pitch in and help your father out...
1.43snow that he's lost his sight.
2.37sNobody took care of me when I lost my arms and legs...
1.43sand was struck blind, deaf, and dumb.
2.13sHey, Meg. they got a Happy Days spoof in here...