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2.99sPork prices rose in early trading today.
2.64sBut you've gotta come back, Mel!
2.03s- We're a team. - No, Krusty.
2sYou always treated me rather shabbily.
3.07sOn our last show, you poured liquid nitrogen down my pants...
1.65sand cracked my buttocks with a hammer.
1.89sAh, come on. You wanna waste your life...
2.7shanging out with a bunch of dorky teenagers?
2.37sHere's your taco, mister. Oops.
3.49sIt fell in the fryer. I'll get it out. Ow! Ow!
2.52sOw! Ow!
1.93sSorry, Krusty. I like it here.
1.93sMr. Johannson treats me with dignity.
1.93sIs this clown bothering you, Mel?
2.63sThat's all right, Mr. Johannson. I'll handle it.