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0.41sWhat's up, Moe?
1.44sHey, Moe!
2.52sHey, you can't come in here dressed like that!
2.79s- Get with the times, Moe. - Yeah.
1.95sI say if it feels good, do it.
1.97sAll right.
3.64sDon't snap my undies.
2.55sI'm a star again.
2.14sI don't know how to thank you, kids.
3.7sThat's all right, Krusty. We're getting 50% of the T-shirt sales.
2.84sWhat? That's the sweetest plum!
1.68sYou little--
2.08sAw, what the hell.
2.67sYou deserve it. Thanks, kids.
4.79sTo Krusty, the greatest entertainer in the world--
1.83sExcept maybe that guy.
2.3sIs this the bus to the civic center?