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1.03sWhat's the occasion?
1.83sStop! Both of you! What the hell?
1.9sWho are you? We're you, from the future.
2.69sOh, boy, this can't be good news. Who screwed up?
1.2sTake a wild guess.
1.8sWhat did I do? Well, nothing yet, but listen.
4.15sWhatever you do, you cannot tell your former self, that Brian, about 9/11.
2.77sIf you do, America as you know it will cease to exist.
1.6sMy God, Brian. What the hell?
2.7sWe've been here two minutes, and already you've destroyed America.
1.97sI wasn't going to tell myself about 9/11.
2.1sThat's a lie. You had the idea a couple of seconds ago,
2.49sand you were so excited about it that your tail is still wagging.
1.93sOkay, okay. I promise I won't say anything.
4.67sAlso, if you don't give that Stewie a back rub, it really messes everything up.
0.93sAll right, can we go now?
2sDid that do it? Did we restore the past?
1.28sWell, let's check.
1.9sOh, there it is. We did it, Brian.
1.85sWe made 9/11 happen. High five!
1.97sAll right! High five! Yeah!