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3.54sNine Southern states have declared that they are seceding from the United States.
2.9sThe announcement came from former President George W. Bush,
4.7swho reformed the Confederacy after a bitter loss in his 2004 reelection bid.
2sBush lost in 2004?
2.9sYeah, he probably couldn't exploit people's fears with no 9/11.
2.87sBush appeared before the press today to make this brief statement.
2.88sIf anyone out there can get their hands on a clown's suitcase,
2.67sI'd very much like to see what's inside of there.
1.88sI think we have the wrong clip.
1.5sWhat? No?
1.87s(STAMMERING) It... This... Okay.
3.14sThat was George W. Bush declaring civil war on the Northern states.
2.07sOh, my God! Civil war?
2.24sSee, Brian? This is exactly what I was talking about.
3.44sLook, Stewie, this doesn't necessarily mean things are going to turn out badly.
1.77sIn fact, I bet, five years from now,
2.17sthe world will still be better off for what I did.
1sIs that so?
1.77sWell, Brian, if you're that sure of yourself,
3.2sthen let's go five years into the future, and you can prove me wrong.