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8.34sThat's right, Tom. It was 10 years ago that an almost inconceivable plot to destroy the World Trade Center was thwarted by Quahog's own, Brian Griffin.
5.12sThis amateur video captured Griffin's heroism in the face of a shadowy terrorist organization called,
5.24sholy shit, look at all those vowels, Al Qua-ay-ee-da.
2.12sHere. Make sure you get all this.
5.02s(INDISTINCT SHOUTING) Time to terrorize the terrorists.
2.37sUgh. You prepared catchphrases for yourself?
2.08sNo. Not necessarily.
4s(GRUNTS) Mohamed Atta stayed home.
1.57sNobody knows that guy's name yet.
1.98sYou're using information that nobody knows.
2.5sHouston, we have a solution.
2.88sHouston's for space, not everyday air travel.
2.32sTell them to ground every plane out of the East Coast.
1sSeacrest out.
1.87sWow! What a hero.
1.53sComing up next in sports,
3.45sArizona Cardinal Pat Tillman tackled by his own team?