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2.14sWhat do you think, Mr. National Hero?
3.8sFor stopping the 9/11 terrorist attacks and saving our country.
4.5sOh, you! I can't even express how mad I am at you right now.
3.84sIf it wasn't for you, those planes would've hit the World Trade Center.
1.57sBrian, what the hell did you do?
3.8sI, uh, may have told my former self about 9/11.
1.97sWhat did I tell you about altering the past?
1.6sWait, wait, when did you even do that?
2.1sWell, you remember when I said I was going to take a leak?
1.33sBrian, you shouldn't have done that.
2.64sWho knows what unforeseen consequences are awaiting us.
1.97sSaddam Hussein could be President.
2.05sMexico could be the world's dominant super power.
2.33sCookie Monster could have invented Facebook!
1.12sWhat is this?
2.37sLOIS: Brian! Hurry, it's starting!