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1.33sHuh? Oh, hey.
2.09s- You're the Kool-Aid guy. - Yeah.
1.83sWhat are you doing? Just waiting.
1.03sFor what?
1.53sI'm just waiting, dude. Relax.
2.13sHey, is there any place around here that sells batteries?
2.64sGuys, don't distract me, all right? I gotta really be up.
3sMr. Griffin, I think your words have touched us all.
1.93sI'm sentencing you to 24 months in prison!
1.2sOh, no. Oh, no.
1.23sOh, no! Oh, no!
3.17sSo there's no organs or glands or anything, right? It's just the liquid?
1.63sYeah. Yeah, it's just the liquid.
4.3sUm, I don't know if this is a weird question, but can I have some?
1.27sAll right, fine. Tilt your head back,
2.03sand I'll lean my liquid down into your mouth.
1.23sOh, now I don't want it.
1.27sOh, crap! Did I miss it?
3.39sLook, my husband may be a bit thoughtless at times,
2.95she may even be downright, well, stupid,
4.02sbut I know he only accepted that money because he...