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1.52sHey, wait a minute, Stewie, I got to take a leak.
3.62sWill it screw up the timeline if my future pee goes in a past toilet?
1.87sUh, no, as long as it goes in the toilet.
1.54sOne splash on a magazine in there,
1.47sand we're getting chased by dinosaurs.
2.03sHuh. Looks more or less the same.
3.6sOh, my God, my Japanese children's books. I forgot about these.
3.62sYou Poop Now. Horton Hears a Suicide.
3.07sThe Little Engine That Will, Or Get Great Shame.
2.75sOh, there you are. All right, come on, Brian. Let's get out of here.
1.2sPAST STEWIE: Blast, that draggle-tailed,
1.58sblunt-edged, matriarchal despot!
1.67sWho the deuce does she think she is?
1.43s(GASPS) Quick, Brian, hide!
4.5sI shall cleverly disguise this lethal plasma disruptor device as a tuna fish sandwich,
3.29swhereupon I shall end that wretched woman's Draconian reign of tyranny!
1.5sOh. Hey.
1.33sWho the deuce are you?
3.02sUh, well, I'm, uh... I'm you.