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1.45sThey're doing it again. What the hell?
1.6s(STAMMERING) I... I'm at a loss.
1.93sI mean, I know we're not supposed to mess with the timeline,
2sbut should we call an ambulance?
1.67sThat is so creepy.
4.25sAnd remember you had an Irish coffee the day we went to see Philadelphia?
2.48sOh. They're... They're setting up fucking cutaways.
1.69sOh, my God, is that what we did back then?
3.9sYeah, I mean, now, we just, like, return text messages and screw around and whatnot.
2.1sLois, I'm not going back to work tomorrow.
1.67sThat new boss has it in for me.
1.74sHe's meaner than a shifty salesman.
1.57sYou sure you got time to smoke?
3.07sOh, yeah, it's an Al Harrington. It goes on for a while.
1.82sAll right, look, we found out where your ball is buried.
1.37sNow let's get back to our own time.
1.47sOkay, get the return pad. Let's go.
2.12sNot out here in the open. Someone could see us.
1.9sRemember? No altering the timeline?
1.27sCome on, let's get up to my room.
1.52sHey, wait a minute, Stewie, I got to take a leak.
3.62sWill it screw up the timeline if my future pee goes in a past toilet?