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1.8sWhoa, ass ahoy.
2.5sHey, Peter, it's 7:00 and you've still got your pants on.
1.12sWhat's the occasion?
1.57sYou know, I'm only telling you this now,
2.27sbut I didn't even know we had a dog then.
4.94sEw, I remember this. Peter's eye did that weird, creepy thing where it went over his nose.
1.67sCome on, you're worrying about nothing.
3.47sOh? Remember when you got drunk off the communion wine at church?
1.9sSTEWIE: Ah! Ew! Gross! Look at that.
1.67sWait, what are they doing?
2.4sI don't know. They're just standing there like zombies.
1.34sDo you think they're all right?
2.34s(STAMMERING) I'm not sure.
3.05sAnd then there was that time at the ice cream store.
1.45sThey're doing it again. What the hell?
1.6s(STAMMERING) I... I'm at a loss.
1.93sI mean, I know we're not supposed to mess with the timeline,
2sbut should we call an ambulance?