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2sOh, God, my leg is killing me.
1.5sWell, time travel is risky.
1.4sEvery time you step into that machine,
2.94syou invite the possibility of altering the world as we know it.
4.8sThankfully, the alternate versions of us were there to prevent us from doing whatever it is we apparently did.
1.23sI wonder what it was.
1.37sWe'll never know.
1.23sBut look on the bright side.
1.84sYou might be sitting here with a hole in your leg,
2.47sbut at least our present universe hasn't been affected.
1.68sSorry, guys. I'm gonna need the couch.
1.87sThe gang and I are gonna watch the game.
2.5sAll right, let's unplug the TV and get going.