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2.14sNow, we're going to do what we should have done in the first place.
1.08sGet on.
1.6sWait a minute. Isn't this where we just were?
2.19sWhere are the other two us's? They're not here yet.
2.52sJust to make sure there are absolutely no loose ends,
3.9sI've sent us back in time to the moment just before you and I originally arrived.
1.89sWhy? You'll see.
2.27sGet the fuck back in your time machine! Ahhh!
1.82sWho are you? Never mind who I am!
1.47sJust get back in your time machine,
1.75sget back to the present, and stay there!
2.07sLook, just calm down. Ahhh!
2.07sYou gonna flap your lips or you gonna do what I said?
1.43sOkay, okay! All right! God!
2.27sYou just talked to yourself. Won't that alter the past?
3.54sDon't worry, Brian. If I was successful in restoring the past just now,
1.8syou and I will never have existed.
2.74sThe chronological tangent that created us will have been erased.
1.8sOh, is it going to hurt?
1.4sJust a little.