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1.77sAll right, who votes yes, 9/11?
4.49s(MUMBLING) Okay, all right, 57. All right, 9/11 wins.
1.28sWait, wait, shouldn't it be an even number?
1.67sWhy is the total an odd number?
1.95sOh, yeah, I think one of the Brians died.
1.25sWhat? What do you mean?
1.83sI don't know. One of them landed here with its throat slit.
1.6sBut wait, if one of me is dead,
1.48sthen shouldn't all the mes be dead?
3.37sBrian, I don't... (SIGHS) I... It's... I don't... I don't know anymore. I...
1.58sYou know what? I guess not. All right?
4.72sOkay, listen up. Everybody, get back in your individual time machines very carefully.
2.34sNobody touch anything. No Harry Potter novels.
3.27sDon't step on a bug. Don't give earlier yous investment advice.
2.7sJust go back to where you came from, and stay there!