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2.67sWait! Stop! We're from the further-further future.
2.07sWhat you guys do eventually works out.
2.8sIt's what you two are about to do that ruins everything!
1.1sStop! Don't do anything!
1.3sOh, for God's sake.
2.07sWe're from the further-further-further future.
1.4sWhat these two do is fine.
1.9sIt's what you two do that makes things worse.
1.17sStop! Wait!
0.01sHold it!
1.12sWait! No!
1.27sHold it! Stop!
1.68sI don't know what I'm doing here. I'm just looking for the can.
1.08sDon't move! Hold it!
0.98sFreeze! Stop!
1sWait! No!
1.9sOh, for God's sake, why? This is why!
1.47sDon't move! Hold it!
0.83s- Freeze! - Stop!
1.07sNo! Wait!
1.63sOh, my God. What's that?
2.9sI don't know what happened. This is life for some reason.
2.13sDon't do whatever you're about to do.
2.47sGod help us. This is no way to live.