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5.76sSpace banditos have been operating in this quadrant so you'll each take eight-hour shifts guarding the safe.
2.55sFirst Bender, then Flexo, then Fry.
2.07sWait, hold on. I don't like the sound of that.
1.93sLet's just go alphabetically.
3.05sOkay. First Bender, then Flexo, then Fry.
1.73sWait, let's go by rank.
3.09sOkay. First Bender, then Flexo, then Fry.
1.58sFlexo outranks me?
2.95sThat's "Flexo outranks me, sir."
1.8sHalt! Who goes there? Don't point that at me.
1.17sFry who?
1.7sLook, I know Flexo's your friend,
2.43sbut I don't trust him alone with the atom.
1.43sMy God, Fry.
2.62sjust 'cause the guy's got a beard, you label him as evil?