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4.34sCrazy upstairs lady must have been shooting down.
3.32sSir, you're on the top floor of this particular domicile.
2.94sYou get that camera out of my house.
2.03sjust relax, ma'am.
1.45sSir, sir, put down the lamp.
2.53sOkay, okay. I'm cooperating.
2.92sThat's it. Now put up your hands. Nice and slow.
1.2sAw, yeah.
2.27sAnd while you're at it, un-blur your face.
1.74sOh, man.
1.75sHey, Bender.
2.08sI thought you said you were in this episode.
4.27sNah, this week I'm on Caught On Tape 3 'cause of what I did in the coffeepot.
2.1sI'm sorry. I'm really sorry.
2.67sI'm just going through some things.
1.63sI'm going in.
3.34sCop Department will return after these messages.
3.6sIs today's hectic lifestyle making you tense and impatient?
1.69sShut up and get to the point!