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1.97sSo what is it already?
2.55sIt's a single atom of jumbonium.
1.02sAn element so rare,
3.5sthe nucleus alone is worth more than $50,000.
0.56sHow much more?
2.65sThat's why I hid it here, under my mattress.
2.82sUh, Professor, can we discuss this somewhere else?
1.62sWhy, certainly.
9.01sThe atom sits atop this dime-store tiara which will be awarded to the winner of this year's Miss Universe Pageant on the planet Tova Nine.
3.64sYour job is to deliver it safe and sound.
4.2sWow. When I was a little girl on Mars I dreamed of being Miss Universe.
2.42sThat's kind of pathetic. Oh, come on, Leela.
2.4sDeep down, all girls want to be Miss Universe.
4.07sNot me. Really? Maybe it's just cute girls.
5.21sDue to the atom's tremendous value Planet Express would go bankrupt if it were stolen.