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3sMark my words. Flexo's evil.
2.37sHe's the evil Bender.
1.77sRage dump.
1.33sGood news, everyone.
3.47sReport to my bedroom for a private exhibition.
2.02sEveryone get in bed with me.
2.67sI have something to show you.
3.6sFeast your eyes on this!
1.77sIt's beautiful.
2.84s- And huge. - Can I touch it?
1.97sSo what is it already?
2.55sIt's a single atom of jumbonium.
1.02sAn element so rare,
3.5sthe nucleus alone is worth more than $50,000.
0.56sHow much more?
2.65sThat's why I hid it here, under my mattress.
2.82sUh, Professor, can we discuss this somewhere else?
1.62sWhy, certainly.
9.01sThe atom sits atop this dime-store tiara which will be awarded to the winner of this year's Miss Universe Pageant on the planet Tova Nine.