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7.22sIt all started with Gerald Ford's famous invention the automo-car, which was powered by a tank of burning fossils.
6.84sHere we see a 20th-century assembly line where cars were constructed by primitive robots.
4.44sOoh-gah, ooh-gah, ooh-gah! Ooh-gah, ooh-gah, ooh-gah!
3.72sWe've come a long way, baby.
2.47sThe fruit of the robots' labor was this--
3.25sthe stately 1992 LaToura.
1.62sHey, my girlfriend had one of those.
1.82sActually, it wasn't hers. It was her dad's.
1.5sActually, she wasn't my girlfriend.
2.23sShe just lived next door and never closed her curtains.
4.64sFry, remember when I told you about always ending your stories a sentence earlier?
2.13sCome on, let's sneak in for a closer look.
2.92sSir, we don't touch the antiques, sir.
3.27sYou don't-- Uh, I'm sorry, you work here.
2.74sI should have realized from that ridiculous getup you're wearing.
2.52sHey, this is from Miller's Outpos--