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2.2sIt's a high-protein feed for farm animals,
1.93sinsulation for low-income housing,
3.17sa powerful explosive and a top-notch engine coolant.
4.3sAnd best of all, it's made from 100% recycled animals.
2.5sI think I'm gonna be sick.
2.97sOh, a spoonful of slurry will cure what ails ya.
2.8sOh! You haven't changed at all!
4sYou're still evil. And when you're trying to be good, you're even more evil.
4.77sI don't understand. Pigs need food. Engines need coolant.
4.17sDynamiters need dynamite. I'm supplying it to them at a tidy profit.
2.5sAnd not a single sea creature was wasted.
2.45sYou inspired it all, Li'l Lisa.
5sStop! Don't recycle! It's murder! You're helping Mr. Burns!
2.7sBut you told us to recycle.
2.57sYou convinced us it was good.