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2.34sI'm back, Crab Dip. What you watching?
3.77sOnly a documentary about the greatest actor in the world.
1.53sAh, yes, Calculon.
3.94sI happened to snap a picture of him taking some time with his biggest fan.
2.27sNo, not that scene-chewing ham.
4.84sI said the greatest actor, Langdon Cobb. Let's rewind, shall we?
3.94sNARRATOR: Langdon Cobb, the most acclaimed actor of his generation.
1.58sWhy's he wearing a bag on his head?
2.1sThey're explaining that right now.
2.97s(SIGHS) Let's rewind again.
2.74sNARRATOR: ...most acclaimed actor of his generation.
4.8sHe's raked in seven Academy Awards for best actor and two for best actress,
3.87sall without ever removing his trademark bag.
3.12sMr. Cobb, you're an intensely private man.
1.47sQuite right. Mmm-hmm.
2.17s- And though billions of people have seen your work... - Mmm-hmm. one has ever seen your face.