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5.37sDigital? (SPITS) No digital camera can capture the warmth and grain of good old film.
3.42sHow can you even tell? Your eyes are digital cameras.
3.2sAnd where can you possibly get film developed nowadays?
1.17sRight here.
3.7sYou're looking at the last chemical darkroom in existence.
1.62sHey, Bender, isn't that Calculon?
2.17sCalculon? No way!
2.17sOh! Oh! Oh!
3.44sYo, Calky! I'm a big fan, and I've got a big camera.
1.17sCan I get a big picture?
4.4s(SIGHS) Well, I was just airbrushed this morning, so all right.
1.23sBut make it snappy.
1.38sThat looked staged.
2.03sTry one where you're pretending to swing a tennis racquet.
1.95sOkay, okay, that's enough.
4.34sI'm trying to enjoy a nice day out with the actors who play my TV family.