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1.97sOh, yeah. Well, you know, I've been so damn busy lately,
6.96smy schedule's been so packed, I felt like I needed some kind of an errand boy to do all my nitpicky, pain-in-the-ass stuff, so I cloned myself.
1.9sYou... You cloned yourself?
1.17sWhat, are you deaf? What...
1.53sSo he's an exact copy of you?
1.4sWell, not exact.
2.5sI have to remain superior, so I bred out some of the intelligence,
1.73smade him sort of a simpleton, you know?
3.8sI call him Bitch Stewie. Would you like to meet him?
1.7sWould you like to meet Bitch Stewie?
1.93sYeah. I guess.
2.77sBitch Stewie, come here and meet my friend, Brian.
2.84sHey there, Stewie. Oh! What's that? You got a friend?
2.24sI'm always happy to meet one of your friends.
1sDear God.
1sHow do you do? Pleased to meet you.
1.03sI'm Bitch Stewie.
1.43sHe's got quite a grip.
2.8sHey, Bitch Stewie. Why are there no midget accountants?
1.9sBecause they always come up short.
3.3s(LAUGHING) Another good one, Stewie.
1.83sI don't know where you come up with them.
1.1sIsn't he wonderful?
2.47sAnd all I have to feed him is a crude peanut paste.
0.95sWatch this.
2.99sIt's not much, but it's healthier than what people ate in the '50s.