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8.31sAt this point, the dinosaur in the backseat pokes his head up through the roof and the driver places two small children on top of it.
5.35sNow he's not only endangering his own life, but their lives as well.
3.04sThe driver totals the car and makes a run for it,
2.94sbut the pursuing officers are prepared.
5.22sRunning from the cops? Yabba-dabba-don't!
2.55sHey, Quagmire, I think I might want to buy this ham radio off you.
1.43sSure, Peter. That'll be $50.
2.9sFifty bucks? All right, fine. I'll buy it.
2.53sMan, this is a bigger rip-off than Shrunky Dinks!
1.37sThey already been shrunk.
1.3sHappy Birthmas.
2.94sPeter, you've been fiddling with that ham radio for seven weeks.
1.38sTake a shower.
2.17sI can barely get any reception on this stupid thing.
4.94sSo far, the only station that comes in is some British guys reading news from places I'm not sure exist.
1.57sNEWSCASTER: Today, in Kuzikistan,
9.07sa peaceful demonstration turned to bloodshed as members of the Turzili tribe flooded Kenpao Square in remembrance of the third anniversary of the Holmsburg Massacre.