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2.94sBrian, I think my jaw is falling off.
2.8s(EXCLAIMING) Stewie, what is happening to this thing?
2.8sOh, yeah. Turns out the clones aren't too stable, Brian.
1.93sI've been having some trouble with mine, too.
3.05sHey, Stewie. Everything sounds like rushing water,
2.47sand I can't stand up so very good.
3.09sYeah, I figure they've got less than a minute before they dissolve completely.
1.75sHey, Brian, knock-knock.
1.03sWho's there?
2.49sWhoa! I hope that doesn't happen to me.
3.14sHe took my dry cleaning and I have no idea what he did with the ticket.
1.9sYeah, this was not a fruitful endeavor.
1.94sYou don't see my ATM card in there, do you?
1.8sNo. Do you want me to dig around and see if...
1.4sNo, fuck it. It's fine.