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2.83sYou, sing a song about cattle rustling.
3.3sAnd you, sing one about, uh, robbing banks!
2.16sJ Calf’s in the field so you sneak up slow;
1.99sJ Grab 'im by the tail and go, man, go;
1.99sJ Break into the bank and snatch that dough J
2.09sJ Please dont hurt our family JJ
2.09sMarge, let me do a solo.
1.99sThis could be my big break!
2.3sI very much doubt that, Homer.
2.53sThese are horrible ghouls from the past.
2.8sHey, so are the Grammyjudges.
2.03sPardon the grabbing...
2.7sbut I’ve perfected a device that could save us all.
1.23sA time machine.
2.87s- We can go back to the past and save our guns. - Gimme!