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4.4sWell, let's not get carried away, Peter. Now please, I'm trying to finish your work.
2.66sYou know, Lois, if I'm your boss, I got to look like a boss.
3.09sFinally, I have a reason to wear this big bow tie and cigar I bought
1.93sat the Dress For Success store.
3.23s- Peter, if you want this work to get done... - Lois, take a letter.
1.43sDear Life Cereal,
1.8swhere do you get off?
2.66s"Part of a balanced breakfast and delicious"?
2.03sWho do you think you are?
2.59sBy now, you may have guessed I'm speaking ironically
3.03sand have nothing but good things to say about what you do.
3.3sLife Cereal, do not change a thing.
2.26sSigned, Peter Griffin, dictated but not read.
1.4sLois, read that back to me.
3.77sOh, hey, Brian, back from a hot booty call with your idiot girlfriend.
1.26sYou know, think what you want,
2.16sbut you don't see the side of Jillian that I do.
3.3sFace it, Brian, she is dumber than a Boston-area book report.