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1.47sI'll look at her once, and then I'll go...
1.59sAll over the place.
2.06sThen you'll wipe it up. and then we will go.
4.06sHi, Brian. Oh, my God! Who is your cute little friend?
2.83sOh, my! Hello. Stewie. Charmed.
2.87sI'm Jillian, come on in. Who wants a drink?
1.7sSo, are you gonna take back what you said?
2.97s- Brian, she's stunning. - Okay, you met her. You can scram now.
1.02sI shall do no such thing.
2.99sNow, why in the world would you be embarrassed about dating her?
1.4sOh, my God, Brian.
3.77sI was watching something on TV about this guy named Hitler.
1.97sSomebody should stop him.
2.3sAs she retarded? Can you please leave now?
3.53sOh, now I get it, she's a moron.
1.56sBut a moron with large breasts
2.2syou can use as mountains for your Matchbox cars
1.83sor whatever it is grown-ups do with large breasts.
1.19sShut up. that's not it at all.
2.2sSay, Jillian, I love what you have done with the place.
1.7sWhat is it? One bedroom, one bath?
0.03sNo, it's a whole apartment.
5.56sOh, God, outstanding!